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Prestigious and highly responsible Mangalayatan University, Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh), is dedicated to offering high-quality and prolific higher education in various disciplines at varying academic levels (from diploma to doctoral), without any inconvenience, harms, financial or other losses/damages of its students, academicians, visitors, and associated people or entities (educational and other). The avowed aims of the Mangalayatan University of Jabalpur (referred to as the 'University or university' thenceforth) are to support and promote the educational, social, industrial, and economic progress and prosperity of the nearby States, and the whole nation at large. No member of this dignified and benevolent university can ever intend tohurt our visitors and clientele or cause any loss/damage to them, related with money, individual privacy & dignity, or occupational reputation. To upkeep these policies and keep its students, visitors, and clients safe from any likely inconvenience/losses/ignominies in future, the following some of the most important facts and matters are solemnly informed and declared by the university:

  • The university has made its best possible efforts for making the pieces of information given on its website (University website) accurate, complete, and up-to-date. However, owing to some inevitable or other reasons, such as accidental misspellings or omissions, constraints of brevity, or non-availability of latest information, it does not claim the perfection or accuracy, or completeness or currency of the information contained by its webpages.
  • Again, both the literary and graphic contents contained by University's webpages are made optimally informative and beneficial, besides being written or drawn originally. Hence, the university does not consider itself accountable for any such inadvertent slight to serious similarities of its literary or graphic contents with such contents present on the websites of other universities/institutions located in India or abroad. University is dedicated to keep its contents original and plagiarism-free, and away from the ignominious cases of copyright infringement. Therefore, any such slight to partial similarities of its contents (to contents on the websites of other institutions/universities), should be taken as being adventitious.
  • Some of its webpages may contain certain reference links or URLs of the websites of other universities/institutions, etc. This has been done with the intentions to provide more/in-depth information about the matter concerned, and thereby help the students/visitors. Such links or referrals should not be construed as being recommendations or endorsements by the university. However, university is not at all responsible for the accuracy, currency, or usefulness of the information offered by such web-links, nor for the reliability or policies of the referred links or websites.
  • The information contained by some of the webpages of this website may be changed or updated anytime, without giving prior information to students, visitors, or associated entities (educational and other). Also, the University does not give any warranty that its website will be fully operational always, without any interruption or electronic errors/faults.
  • The University is entitled to make some new rules, provisions, or regulations for making its management and performance better. University is also privileged to make changes in any of such rules and regulations, without prior information to students, visitors or associated institutions/professionals/universities.
  • Any specific services or facilities offered by the university may be continued, altered, or stopped anytime, if need be, without giving information about these in advance to students, academicians, and visitors/clients.
  • University gives due respect to the privacy, self-esteem, and dignity/reputation of its students, visitors, academicians, and other people and entities associated with it. Hence, their respective personal/private information is never disclosed to any third person/entity, barring some cases of governmental/legal ordinances. To know more about such matters, please refer to the Privacy Policy of this university.

Therefore, in the light of above-mentioned information/declaration by the University, its students, visitors, and clientele are kindly and firmly advised to check and verify the accuracy, completeness, or currency (being up-to-date) of the concerned pieces of information well before taking any rigorous task or action based on the found information on University's website. University shall not be liable or responsible for any inconvenience, disgrace, or losses (financial or other) got by them by doing so solely based on the information given on this website at any point of time. University is also not accountable for any such undesirable occurrences/events which take place while making any dealings/transactions with the people/entities referenced to (through links and referrals) on this website. Lastly, University may not consider any claims made by any other university or institution regarding any specific or partial similarities of its literary as well as graphic contents to the contents published on their websites. It is assumed that, students/visitors/clients have agreed to all the pieces of information mentioned above, well before reading this website and being associated with the University.